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My Story with Jerry! I dont know how you found me, but you found me and thats a GOOD THING! because all I want to do is help you be successful in the stock market. Look, my name is John Greathouse and my story is simple... after trying to swing trade for years with little to no success my mentor in life "Jerry" showed me the Covered Call strategy. He was as patient as anyone could be and slowly I started learning how to have SUCCESS! ... one trade turned into two, then five, then .... over 200+ trades (as of this post) and all I do is WIN! (well, like 99% of the time) ... well, as cheesy as it may sound I want to PAY IT FORWARD and through me just telling my story and showing you my trades on Youtube, people ARE LEARNING and being SUCCESSFUL! Look, watch my videos and you too can learn and be successful
 CPT Ask John Covered Call questionsAsk John! I'm always interested in hearing your Covered Call and Cash Secured Put questions. I also am always looking for video suggestions so I created the Ask John submit form where anyone with either Covered Call or Cash Secure Put questions can hit me up. I really want video ideas too because I do not want to become a broken record on my videos ... so use the Ask John! submit form to get your questions answered and help me out! I've done many Ask John videos already ... just head over to my Youtube channel and type in the search Ask John! to see if I answered your question :)
FREE Spreadsheets!!  IF youre going to be profitable using the Covered Call and Cash Secure Put strategy you need to keep the numbers in front of you ... and Ive created spreadsheets that help me do just that. I offer those spreadsheets for anyone that want them for FREE! NO, ZERO, NADA hooks... just download them and watch the "How to Use" videos so you can... just download them and watch the "How to Use" videos so you can Up Your Game!! SooSoo if you want to download the spreadsheets and watch the videos to see if they are for you just click the FREE Spreadsheet at the top
The FREE CPT Dashboard!  that I created for finding great Covered Call and Cash Secured Put stock plays. I turned it into my "Research Dashboard" where everything is right there in front of me. Im offereing a FREE version of the CPT Dashboard to all those that email and when its ready for PRIME TIME you will get an exclusive copy that gets UPDATED every week.  

 The CPT Blog!   stay in touch Off Youtube by checking my CPT Blog where I write about my trade setups, situations and possible plays. The CPT Blog is my opportunity to continue sharing my story so anyone that interested might learn soemthing to Up thier Game! Be sure to check back or if I figure out who you can signup, sign up :) Click here
 The Upgraded CPT Dashboard!  The Upgraded CPT Dashboard is a great place to start your research for your next Covered Call stock purchase Frustrated trying to find the most popular ETFs that make a good Covered Call ETF trades? The ETF Dashboard has you covered! Want a list of all the stocks giving a dividend this week to play a 'Covered Call + Dividend Capture' strategy? The DIV Dashboard has you covered!

Looking for Closed End Funds for that monthly dividend income? The CEF Dashboard has you covered!
Your Exclusive Bonus content includes - The Weekly 'Fab 3' stock chart breakdown (Seeing the World thru my Eyes), You see all my Real Trades and breakdown of why I made the trade, Special 'Ask John' Access where I work with you answering your questions and concerns via email and I do my Special Chart of the Week ... again, breaking down what I see so you can learn this stuff, get quickier in your stock chart reading so you can make better decisions before buying that next great Covered Call stock

         The Ultimate Writing Covered Call Screener, Spreadsheet, Dashboard is the Upgraded CPT Dashboard.
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